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Critical Combat Loot Account Upgrade

Critical Combat Loot Account Upgrade

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Critical Combat Loot Account Upgrade

This is an 'Account Upgrade' once applied it remains active on the captains account.

This upgrades adds a 25:1 critical roll chance to each loot window in combat loot. It also affects re-scan chances as well. If a critical roll is managed the upgrade will automatically add 50% of your maximum combat loot value to the affected loot window. Critical loot rolls are shown in RED on the loot screen.

Please note: The normal loot maximum amount is 10. This would yield a crit of 5 creating a loot of 15. You can increase your maximum loot amount by fitting Combat Loot Maximiser pods. These are both Player Engineered and also purchased through the Store.

Crit Chance: 25:1 (Per Loot)

If Purchasing for an alternative Captain you MUST add their Captain name at the time of Purchase!

This is an Account UPGRADE and not an Item, so this is NOT transferable!
You may only purchase 1 Per Captain account.

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